Art. 1 – The Ruah Cooperative announces the 17th edition of IFF-Integrazione Film Festival, an international competition of short fiction and documentary films dealing with the theme of
integration between people of different cultural backgrounds.
Sponsored by the Ruah Cooperative with Lab 80 film and a network of other organizations, it will be held in Bergamo from May 8-14, 2023.

Art. 2 – The types of films that can be entered:
● Those that document positive aspects of the multicultural, multilingual and multireligious reality;
● Those that portray experiences of coexistence that are possible because of openness toward dialogue, to exchanging ideas, and not fearful when dealing with conflict;
● Those that represent:
– Effective ways of inclusion, as the ability to give citizenship and to offer equal opportunities to what is new, different and a minority;
– The Hybrid Identities as a result of multiple allegiances (of culture, language, religion, gender, generation, etc.), but also Intact Identities in order to be protagonists;
– Intercultural interactions, as the way to manage a bilateral meeting of mutual and equal recognition, in an effort to give a sense to each other;
3 fixed points gathered in the letter “I” of Integration in the logo, the key-word and the heart of the Festival, around which must be developed all those nuances of a complex and long-term

Art. 3 – The 17th edition of IFF-Integrazione Film Festival is divided into the following sections:
● Competition for documentaries with a maximum length of 52 minutes.
● Competition for works of fiction of all genres with a maximum length of 20 minutes.
Works completed after January 1st 2020 are admitted. The Committee reserves the right to consider
works completed before January 1st 2020 and to include them in the “Out of competition” programme.
Works that have been presented in other national and international Festivals will be accepted.
Works entered in previous editions of the Festival will not be admitted.
Admission to the Contest is decided unquestionably by the Festival Management.
The authors and/or producers of works admitted as well as those excluded will be notified by the end of March 2023.

Art. 4 – Works admitted to the International Contest will be judged by a specially appointed Jury which will award the following Prizes:
• For short films of fiction: first Prize of 1000 euros.
• For documentary films: first Prize of 1000 euros.
The juries reserve the right to assign special mentions. The juries also reserve the right to not award the aforementioned prizes.
The audience will also be invited to express their own winner to whom award the IFF-Integrazione Film Festival plaque.
Prize for the best interpretation: the juries will assign a prize for the best interpretation for the actors of films in competition.

Art. 5 – The request for participation in the selection of the IFF-Integrazione Film Festival must be done no later than February 15th 2023, through our online platform:
https://filmfreeway.com/IFF-IntegrazioneFilmFestival at the symbolic cost of €3. For Italian films, please insert the information in filmfreeway in Italian.

Art. 6 – Registration for the festival entails authorization for:
● the screening of the work during the live event and in streaming mode;
● The screening of the work on the virtual platform that has been chosen by the Festival from May 8-14, 2023;
● The use of excerpts of the selected works for a maximum length of 2’ (or 10% of the entire length for short films) for a television broadcast or on networks whose aims are exclusively
promotional and not commercial;
● The screening of the work for no-profit educational and cultural activities organized by IFF-Integrazione Film Festival and the Ruah Cooperative.

Art. 7 – The owners of works selected for the contests must make sure the screening copies (formats: DCP, Blu Ray, File HD) reach the Festival no later than March 31th 2023:
● By digital upload at [email protected]
● By postal mail at IFF-Integrazione Film Festival, c/o Cooperativa Impresa Sociale RUAH, via S. Bernardino 77, 24126 Bergamo (BG) – Italia.
Transport costs for all materials are in charge of the participants.
For all not Italian selected films, should be provided English or Italian subtitled version, accompanied by the list of the dialogues in text format.
Art. 8 – The selected films at the 17th edition are invited to include the official logo of the Festival selection and eventually the Award in the end credits, on promotional materials and on websites. The official logo will be sent by email.

Art. 9 – Submitting an application to enter the Festival entails the acceptance of all the rules in these Regulations. It is the responsibility of authors, producers, distributors and other persons who present the film to be legitimately authorised to register the film at the festival. The participants are responsible for the quality and intactness of the file sent, as well as the legitimate ownership of the images and soundtracks used, or of the use of them in compliance with the law.
The Art Director has the right to resolve all cases not provided for by these Regulations, as well as to waive them in the event of particular cases that are properly justified.
For any objections on the meaning of the single articles of the Regulations, the original text in Italian shall be exclusively considered legally binding.
The Court of Bergamo is the competent court of jurisdiction for any disputes.

To submit your movie: https://filmfreeway.com/IFF-IntegrazioneFilmFestival
For further information: [email protected]